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Apple iOS 7.1 not coming during SXSW 2014


While the iTunes Festival will go on as scheduled from March 11 to 15 in Austin, Texas, the release of the much awaited iOS 7.1 won’t be inevitably released, as it’s made out. The iTunes Festival would certainly stream live as well as on-demand through official iOS app and iTunes for Mac or PC, but it wouldn’t require iOS 7.1 because Apple has now updated the iTunes Festival app to version 5.0 for the upcoming festival.

The iTunes Festival app appears in the iTunes Store with a redesigned icon and is enlisted to be having a “refreshed design” and support for SXSW, but the app isn’t as yet available for download in the U.S.

Believed to be in developer testing phase since November 2013, and also assumed to have gone through a number of beta iterations, iOS 7.1 is just out of reach. It roused much anticipation as to how it would support CarPlay, smartphone technology integration into in-car experience. But, the update was being awaited because so that it would fix the irritating glitches and remove bugs, finally. The anticipation building around its release wouldn’t culminate into its release at iTunes Festival.

The build-up around the iTunes Festival was for many reasons as it would be for the first time in history that Apple will host an iTunes Festival in the US. Traditionally enough, every September, it’s held in London. It would be held as a part of SXSW that’s held in Austin, Texas, in mid-March.


Minus iOS 7.1, the charm would fade a little, barring the five nights of free music, and performances by ColdPlay, Imagine Dragon, Kendrick Lamar, Soundgarden, Keith Urban and Pitbull, among many others that will be streaming to the audience’s delight. The revamped iTunes Festival app would take care of the streaming live to the audiences unlike it was believed that it would happen through iOS 7.1.

While iOS 7.1 has kept us waiting for a tad too long and, unfortunately, wouldn’t be released at much-awaited iTunes Festival, it comes across as the promise to bring about some of the design changes for more effective functionality and ensure the removal of the glitches. Although these UI changes may lure us, it’s the bug fixes which are vital. The keyboard keys may assume completely different experience. There’s likely to be a new UI for the phone dialer. New and improved icons for Phone, FaceTime and Messages apps, would also probably form a part of the update.

Although it wouldn’t be released at iTunes Festival but it’s created sufficient and well-deserved anticipation as its fifth beta iteration has been in testing since early February and consequently all the anticipation around the release of iOS 7.1 when iTunes Festival kicks off on March 11. With the release of the iTunes Festival app 5.0 version, the reports of iOS 7.1 release “any day” are squashed.

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