A few days ago, Apple released the second version of OS X Mavericks (10.9.2), patching SSL connection verification flaw, and now its time get the new beta.

The Cupertino has seeded a newer beta of OS X 10.9.3 build 13D12 to developers. Although Apple didn’t mention any new features, but 9to5Mac has discovered that the beta release includes native support for 4K resolution monitors.

Earlier, OS X Mavericks supported 4K resolution, but scaled 2560 x 1140 pixels at 60Hz instead of native 4096 x 2160 at 60Hz refresh rate. However, it detects compatible 4K monitors but HiDPI mode ensures the readability of the screen and also allow 4K resolution with 24Hz forcibly, while Windows in BootCamp partition guarantees a proper refresh rate of 60Hz.


With the beta released today, Apple has finally fixed the flaw, probably a mess of Thunderbolt drivers on dual channel. And now it grants 4K resolution at 60Hz.

For a common user, this feature is unlikely because text and words will be quite small, which isn’t the case in HiDPI mode. However, those professionals who have purchased a Mac Pro might benefit of a 1:1 pixel for both static and dynamic graphics processing.

No other details were given, and no specific release date for OS X 10.9.3 is known. The release is just the first beta, and it will take time.