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Ubisoft to release Watch Dog on May 27 for all consoles


Those who have been waiting for the technology spy game “Watch Dogs” have something to celebrate this weekend. Ubisoft has announced that the much awaited game will be released on May 27, 2014.

The title will be released for the personal computer, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360 on the said date. Those who are waiting for “Watch Dogs” for their Wii U must stretch their patience a bit more and wait for a date that will be determined by the maker.

Ubisoft announced back in October that it’s to delay the game for some reason. While it said that the game was in near completion that time, it had to polish everything in order to create an exceptional and memorable experience. The game was supposed to come out in November along with the new consoles of Microsoft and Sony. The latter even had a bundled pack Watch Dog PlayStation 4 that never came to fruition.

Earlier, the company even gave a range of April to June for the release of the game on the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms but we’re pretty sure, those who have been waiting for the game have marked their calendars.


It seems Ubisoft is trying to make it up for the delay. Aside from announcing the date of release of the game, it also gave gamers a sneak peek of what we can expect from the game. So that’s right, it’s the end of the monologue of how this open-world game can be great, Ubisoft has spoken.

The gamemaker revealed that it hosted a preview of “Watch Dogs” in Chicago were Jonathan Morin, creative director of the company, gave a briefing about the setting and gameplay to expect. The lucky souls that day were toured how it will be like in the game after having played about 10 hours of it then they were let off the leash and given the permission to explore the game for one hour.

Polygon was able to speak with Dominic Guay, senior producer of the game, who gave hints how the different versions of the game will be like. He revealed that the whole team is in the final stage of debugging the game, and they believe meeting the release date won’t be an issue.

Guay revealed that “Watch Dog” will be very similar across all platforms. It will run on the same story line and will basically have all the same mechanics, gameplay, and innovations. What makes it different are the details inserted into the game plus making things more dynamic. He said it will be noticed in terms of the animation, amount of people in the street, and vehicles cruising around the open world.

Will there be a big difference when you play the game on Xbox One compared to enjoying it on PS4? One won’t be able to tell the difference according to Guay. Meanwhile, the version for the PC will run and scaled based on the capability of the computer.

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