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Facebook schedules F8 developer conference for April 30


Something big might be coming up to Facebook because the social network wakes up from hibernation and has scheduled its developer conference dubbed as the F8. After taking a hiatus for almost three years, the company has announced that it will make a return on April 30.

Product manager and Parse chief executive Ilya Sukhar announced the upcoming F8 during his presentation at the South by Southwest conference Saturday in Austin.

Not a lot of details have been disclosed about the F8 conference but the company said it will be held on Wednesday, April 30, 2014 at The Concourse, 635 8th Street in San Francisco, California; and it’s expecting around 1,500 technopiles from around the globe.

While the F8 specifically caters to outside developers, the event has also been used before by the social network in blue as the venue to announce major changes that are rolled out to its more than a billion users.


The schedule of the F8 through the years have been erratic but it knows how to put it in good use. It was during the same conference when Facebook implemented the Timeline and announced the Open Graph.

The first F8 was held in May 2007 where social graph was introduced. The following year, the company introduced a new look for the user profile and also introduced Facebook Connect.

According to an insider interviewed by Mashable, the upcoming conference won’t be so much product-focused but will rather be putting spotlight on technologies, both front-end and back-end, that can be utilized by developers. Although the F8 is its first big event for developers in years, the company hosted smaller ones such as Parse Developer Day and Mobile Developer Day in November and September, respectively.

We don’t have any information about the lineup of speakers for the upcoming F8 but it might be safe to say that co-founder Mark Zuckerberg will be doing one big announcement or talk.

The website for the event announces that it will be featuring engineers from Facebook, Instagram and Parse.

It also presents four learning tracks that participants can choose from: Build, Grow, Monetize, and Hacker Way.

  • Build track will be focused on creating cross-platform applications faster. The sessions will teach developers how to properly use Parse and Facebook tools to fast track development of games and mobile apps.
  • Grow track will help developers improve the user base of their apps. This will teach them how to attract the right Facebook users and keep them interested using social sharing. mobile ads, and push notifications.
  • Monetize track will help developers tweak their applications to make the purchasing process a lot easier for its users. Basically, Facebook will guide developers to cash in on their apps using new ways on the Internet and on the mobile platform.
  • Hacker Way will be discussions with engineers of the company about the effective and ineffective methods they have used in developing apps. Open-sourced tools by Facebook will also be previewed.

Developers who want to participate can click on the Get Notified button on the F8 website as registration is said to be opened soon.

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