In tune with the announcement made earlier, Microsoft is gearing up for the release of Surface Power Cover.

Compared to Type Cover 2, the Power Cover has twice the thickness and weight. But it’ll mean an addition of up to 30 Wh to the tablet or up to 70 percent more battery life. The Power Cover also serves to charge the device while it’s being used.

True to its name, the Power Cover includes a secondary battery, specially designed to enhance the tablet’s battery life way further. It’s difficult to point out the exact capacity of the onboard battery, but the Microsoft product page states that it weighs about 0.55 pounds.

The facility of extra battery life will be useful for the original Surface Pro or the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2. In the case of typing experience, it won’t differ from the original Type Cover but it won’t be inclusive of the backlit improvements associated with Type Cover 2. However, some might ask as to whether the users need additional battery life for a device that has 12 hours of battery life already.

However, it seems a number of people have been waiting for the release of Power Cover, an accessory that will be useful for those who use the Surface Pro, Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablets. Preorders are now on for the Power Cover across the US, Canada and Japan from the Microsoft Store online. I’’s smartly priced at $199.99 with a shipping date of March 19th.

It’ll be interesting to see not only just how it enhances battery life but also how it impacts the structure and functionality of the Surface tablet itself. It’s expected that the Power Cover should ideally extend the battery life to a level that’s helpful for the long duration of an international flight. However, some reports suggest that it may not be exactly 70 percent of enhanced battery life as it may vary based on the usage.

For those who’re ready to shell out a couple of hundred dollars for extended battery life, and don’t mind the weight and girth, it’s not a bad idea to own it. $199.99 isn’t too much to spend, but it requires to ensure it’s well spent and gives the return for its worth. Pre-orders will provide some hints regarding how it’s being received, and eventually, the markets will spell out its verdict on the Power Cover.

It remains to be seen whether the extended battery life can extend the shelf life of the Power Cover, or it runs out of both the steam and the battery, sooner rather than later. User reviews will begin to pour in and will clarify how much power the Power Cover holds.