A little more than 24 hours since the availability of iOS 7.1, it has been already installed on nearly 6% of iOS devices. According to the report disclosed by the search targeted advertising company Chitika, iOS 7.1 has been used on 5.9% of iOS devices in North America, thus avoiding the risk of fragmentation.

Chitika explains the adoption rate is particularly encouraging because it’s already equal to that of iOS 7.0.6; a minor update pushed out by Apple to fix serious security flaw that could allow hackers to exploit the SSL to gain access to email of others, discover passwords, intercept private messages and many more.

Source: Chitika

As with most minor version updates, iOS 7.1 adoption rates have been less dramatic than those of its major-version counterparts. In the 24 hours following the operating system’s public release, iOS 7.1 users generated 5.9% of total North American iOS Web traffic.

According to the Apple App Store, iOS 7 is currently running on 83% of iDevices and the remaining part is probably prerogative of the old devices that aren’t compatible with the most recent efforts of Jonathan Ive’s minimalist design.

Source: App Store
Source: App Store

The iOS 7.1 comes with new CarPlay feature, Touch ID improvements, several visual tweaks including a calendar month view, new keyboard typography, redefined icons for the Phone that makes the interface more consistent. In addition, iOS 7.1 is a cumulative update that consists of all previous revisions including the fix for SSL Authentication flaw.