The board of Supervisors of San Francisco has finally granted approval to the iPhone maker for a new Apple Store, which will be built in Union Square, one of the most central and most famous tourist cities in the United States.

After months of negotiations, the long-impending approval process has been concluded yesterday, therefore, Apple can now start construction of the new store with the bitten apple. Specifically, it will be located on the corner of Post and Stockton Street in 24,819 square meters, about 45% larger than the Apple Store is already located between Stockton and Ellis. Approximately 400 employees will work there, and the house of Cupertino expects that sales will exceed than the iconic New York store.

“We are thrilled that the city of San Francisco has given its final approval to begin work on our new store and public plaza, which will make a wonderful addition to Union Square and create hundreds of local jobs,” Apple spokeswoman Amy Bessette told Re/code. “Our Stockton Street store has been incredibly popular, welcoming over 13 million customers since it opened nine years ago, and we look forward to making a new home on Union Square.”

The approval process has taken longer than expected for the Apple and even forced the company to alter the design of the project, announced in 2013, especially due to beloved fountain designed by local artist Ruth Asawa.

There’s no details to share on which date the group of Cupertino will kick off construction of the new Apple Store but sources close to the company suggest it will likely to be this summer.