Fifty Three has updated its Paper drawing app for iPad with some significant changes. The company announced on its official blog that the new Paper update brings revamped UI to better work with new iOS 7. You can observe faster menus, simplified icons, lighter colors, journal covers that pop, custom interface and overall improved readability.

Among other new features, the new Zoom lens, finer Brush strokes, Color and Blend tools allow you to work with more precision than the previous version. Fifty Three has remarkably improved Drawing and Eraser tool in order to make dots. You can now tap quickly to make small dots, or hold down longer to create a bigger one.

What’s New in Version 1.6.1

  • A complete visual refresh of all menu components for iOS 7. Cleaner, simpler controls throughout Paper.
  • Strokes are smaller when drawing inside the loupe with the Eraser, Color, and Blend tools. Ink speed dynamics have also been made appropriate for their zoom level. Go deep on the details.
  • Hold down Draw (the fountain pen) and Eraser to make dots. Get pointillistic!

Last month, when Facebook announced its new iPhone app also called Paper, the sketching app makers ran into controversy with Facebook due to the same branding.

The new paper is already made available on App Store for free, however, you need to pay (in-app purchases) to get all the tools. Paper provides you the easiest and most beautiful way to express your ideas on an iPad. You can also share pages with you friends on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or over email.