WhatsApp may be preparing to celebrate 500 million monthly active users or adding voice calls, but the messaging service has also nightmares since the acquisition by Facebook.

Earlier, WhatsApp suffered outage just after the deal was closed, which caused a few millions of  consumers departure. Now according to Bas Bosschert, the CTO at DoubleThink, there still exists vulnerability in WhatsApp, which allows hackers to access your messages in the Android app even after the recent major update.

Actually, the messaging service doesn’t store the data on servers, rather uses either internal storage or phone’s SD card, which can be accessible by other apps having full access to the phone. However it’s an infrastructure issue in Android mobile operating system than a vulnerability in WhatsApp.

Recently, WhatsApp has started rolling out a big update exclusively for Android devices. Even though, the update includes database encryption, but Bosschert reports that it can be decrypted using his script. You can read more about the hack on his personal blog.

Where everything is going against WhatsApp, it’s time to celebrate for other mobile messaging services such as Line, Snapchat and the most importantly Telegram. When WhatsApp went down for four hours on February 22, nearly 5 million people joined Telegram – a true clone of WhatsApp. However, what does Telegram offers more than WhatsApp? unarguably Security, and it’s a great advantage.