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Facebook injecting TVC-style Premium Video Ads in News Feed


With 1.2 billion users on board, Facebook is a big springboard for global, powerful advertising. However, Facebook Ads has taken a leap into the future with Premium Video Ads. The astronomical rates of advertising on Facebook notwithstanding, the companies wish to reach out to large masses in a short span of time through this powerful Premium Video Ads.

Advertising on sites where there is considerable user traffic is not entirely new idea. Ads have populated internet space in all possible ways. Facebook is no exception. With ads on the right side of the screen and in the middle of the news feed, Facebook has been a rich site of advertising.

However, there is too much of ads of the same kind, the impact of run-of-the-mill advertising is not most effective in driving user behavior. Hence, Premium Video Ads for a small number of companies are intended to boost the prospects of the visibility, appeal and improved user behavior towards those companies.

Facebook started testing Premium Video Ads in December and now making its way into the life of users on Facebook. Touted as the vehicle of mass appeal with sight, sound and motion, Premium Video Ads are sophisticated, high-quality 15-second videos comprising ingenious advertising.

Each 15-second clip will begin to play without the sound as soon as it comes on the screen and stop if people do not pay attention and simply scroll past it. If a user taps on the video, it will go full-screen along with sound. In a matter of a few months, these video ads will consume quality space on Facebook. It is not for each and every company, but only a bunch of companies that will first benefit from Premium Video Ads.

As some might raise concerns over the quality of these video ads, due care has been taken by roping in Ace Matrix to see how compelling each video ad is. Ace Matrix will measure the creativity of each ad prior to its launch on Facebook. It will also serve to point out performance indicators such as emotional appeal, meaningful message and watchability. This effort is to ensure that advertisers get their due on their investment through wide reach and mass impact.   Facebook will naturally not declare the premium rates. However reports spreading online seem to suggest premium video ads at prime times when most user traffic is available is reportedly priced as much as $2.5 million ($NZD2.92 million) a day.

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High-Priced Premium Video Ads will most likely start appearing in the new feed in coming months. It is being termed as compelling video experiences that will enable brands to engage with masses, like never before. However, how Facebook users respond to it when video ads begin to roll on their screens will decide the fate of Premium Video Ads. Whether these companies and their Premium Video Ads have any impact beyond 15 seconds is a question to be answered in the near future.

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