Samsung has announced three new accessories: Ultrasound Cover, Optical Scan Stand and Voice Label for its entry level smartphone Galaxy Core Advance. The trio is designed to make life easier for visually impaired and differently-abled people, thanks to their distinctive characteristics that have not been seen so far.

The most distinctive feature of the new Samsung accessory Ultrasound Cover without any doubt, which fits atop the smartphone and allows blind or disabled people to have a greater awareness about the environment. In fact, it uses ultrasound to detect the presence of obstacles or objects up to two meters away and alerts the user via a vibration or TTS feedback.

The second accessory, the Optical Scan Stand scans and extracts the text from an image and read it aloud. It works in conjunction with a specifically designed app for the Galaxy Core Advance. The companion app starts automatically when the tool detects the presence of paper.

Finally, the Voice Label, an NFC tag that allows users to identify objects and make notes or add voice tags to differentiate them. According to the manufacturer, “The Voice Label can also help a user distinguish how to use electronics by allowing them to record a short explanation”.

The trio is already available on the market only for Galaxy Core Advance. Although, the company is planning to extend the accessibility of other Galaxy devices in the near future.