Apple is going to launch an 8GB variant of iPhone 5C soon, which wasn’t so well received in the market. The iPhone 5C was not only priced higher than expected, but also failed to woo the customers in plastic shells.

To make amends perhaps, this lower-capacity version is being readied for a quick launch this week. According to an alleged internal email of German carrier O2, the iPhone 5C is defined as Apple’s “entry-level smartphone.” The email also seems to underscore the idea that other 5C models may also diminish pricing. Rumors have overtaken all belief of the market to the effect that Apple’s iPhone 5C in its lower capacity have arrived at a store in the UK and will be released on Tuesday.

8gb iphone 5c o2

Elegantly designed in 5 colors, the iPhone 5C has divided opinions across the market. Prior to its launch, it was expected to be a low-cost smartphone from Apple. However, the iPhone 5C disappoints being priced at higher cost than what the low-cost devices ideally should. It also adversely coincided with the Galaxy S4 Mini, the Nexus 4 and the One Mini, already available in the market with similar features at a lower price.

The Apple iPhone 5C comes in two variants: 16GB and 32GB. It’s also not significantly cheaper than its companion and the flagship model iPhone 5S. Colors notwithstanding, the iPhone 5C had obtained lukewarm response and its sales haven’t been anywhere near internal estimates.

For iPhone users, this lower capacity version of iPhone 5C may not be all too pleasant, firstly for the space. Users may want to use apps, videos, songs and other media from the rich iPhone quotient, but their usage will be curtailed by limited space. In addition, an 8GB iPhone 4S is also available for free with a new 2-year contract.

The 8GB model of iPhone 5C will be priced at £429.99 (about £40 lesser than 16GB model) and will be launched in UK, Australia, and China, but not in the US. The market seems to believe this as a desperate attempt to sell more iPhone 5C devices.

Could the market be wrong? Not likely. Share your thoughts in the comments below.