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Lenovo-owned Motorola introduces Moto 360, coming this summer


Wearable Industry is gaining pace now, and it seems that Motorola has taken this trend a tad too seriously. The Lenovo-owned company has unveiled its first ever Android Wear smartwatch, the Moto 360. A truly modern clock, designed by Motorola and powered by Android Wear with its sleek design and classic circular dial, it’s quite a dapper.

The Moto 360 has chiseled a way out for a startling revelation in form of its primordial timepiece, which promises to change the era of complacency that had earlier dawned upon in the wearable segment. By adhering to the traditional standards of a circular design and using the conventional leather and metal material, Motorola has decided to keep the semblance simple.

The smartwatch takes pride in enabling the technology-starved generation with an intelligent speech assistance, the user will be able to mold a connection, check emails, find directions and also access notifications by a simple utterance of “Ok Google”. All this is possible due to the all new Android Wear, specifically designed and tailored Android OS for wearable devices. By a mere flick and twist of the wrist, the wearer will get updates from their friends and relatives.

The Moto 360 will be always listening and it’s an innovation that would change the way user interacts with a smartwatch.

If the resources and rumors are anything to go by, Google has ostensibly collaborated with other companies, including HTC, Samsung and Asus in different projects. So, Motorola might not be the only company roped in to work with Google. Other specifications and details are yet to be unveiled, but a minute glimpse of the timepiece speaks volumes about the technical wonders that will be bestowed upon its users for the first time ever.

The timepiece is slated for the release in a variety of styles this summer firstly in the U.S. However, the cost of the smartwatch still remains a mystery.

How exactly the stunning timepiece will grip on its users once it makes the debut, is a thing of the future. Meanwhile, only anticipations and speculations can be woven to yield a technical fantasy.

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