Amazon is reportedly prepping its first streaming media player, rumored to arrive in early April. It will be a small dongle to be inserted into a television that will offer different type of streaming services, having form factor similar to that of Chromecast, reported TechCrunch and WSJ.

Contrary to the previous rumors of a set-top box, Amazon’s entertainment device will be Chromecast type dongle that can better attract the interest of customers and not only offer video, music and TV shows but also streaming of PC games. Therefore, it will be able to compete with consoles including PlayStation and Xbox.

“One source claims it should have support for streaming full PC game titles, and as such might be able to compete with consoles including the Xbox and PlayStation, instead of just Android-powered living room game devices.”

Therefore, you can buy digital games for PC and Mac directly from the e-commerce site. According to the reports, the gaming service will be quite similar to the remote service offered by OnLive and you will be able to stream games from Amazon’s service at 30fps.

The Seattle Company hasn’t confirmed the rumors yet, but the dongle is expected to be announced soon since the beginning of shipment is scheduled for early April. According to the Wall Street Journal, the device should arrive with a good number of third party applications, which will allow access to music, movies, games and off course Amazon’s own Instant Video service formally known as Amazon Video on Demand.

Source: TechCrunch and Wall Street Journal