Another twist in the tale of Flappy Bird, Dong Nguyen has confirmed on Twitter that the addictive game will return to the App Store, but not so soon.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Nguyen explained the reasons for the withdrawal. In the beginning, he enjoyed the attention of media, but soon things were out of his hands. He even started receiving accusing messages from parents and teachers for creating such an addictive game. He even received offers from large video game companies, who wanted to buy Flappy Bird. Finally, he decided to pull the addictive game from the App Store, even though he was earning $50,000 every day from adverts at the peak of success.


The eccentric developer also mentioned that he was also considering to bring back the game along with a warning “Please take a break”. However, Nguyen didn’t specify any particular release date, but it’s expected to arrive soon. Now, the latest tweet confirms the return of Flappy Bird to the App Store.

However, Nguyen still has reasons to rejoice because even today he continues to earn tens of thousands of dollars everyday from those who had downloaded before the removal of the title.

The developer has also confirmed that the sole developer is also working on three other games: Kitty Jetpack, Checkonaut, and a cowboy shooter that will arrive shortly.

Source: Twitter