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WhatsApp and Instagram now available on Nokia X


Nokia has announced the availability of WhatsApp and Instagram on Nokia X devices. However, both apps aren’t available on Nokia Store, rather you need to download them from third patry stores such as 1Mobile Market or APTOiDE.

Nokia has detailed in a blog post on its official blog and explains necessary steps to be followed to download these two apps from third party stores. The procedure isn’t new to the Android users, but good for those who never used Google’s mobile operating system.

Download either third-party app to your device and search for WhatsApp within the store client.

After downloading, you’ll see a prompt that will take you to security settings, because the app isn’t downloaded from the Nokia Store. Tap the button to allow downloads from unknown sources. And you’re done.


The same procedure can also be followed to install Instagram on Nokia X.

The functioning of WhatsApp on Nokia X doesn’t change if compared with the same app used by millions of Android users. To start chatting, just enter username and phone number to activate the app. A touch on the avatar of a friend opens a conversation window, where you can write messages, add emoticons, attach a photo or video, share you location and send a voice note. WhatsApp also supports group chat and notifications, which will be shown in the Fastlane, a screen with quick access to your most used apps and notifications.


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