Last month, Nokia X was announced at the annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. It marks the official entrance of Microsoft-owned Nokia in the world of Android, albeit its own way.

Recently, the Finnish company has conducted a survey and asked users to share their favorite feature of new Nokia X smartphone. And the result is what we dreamed about it: An Android phone by Nokia.

The survey proposed by Nokia on its official blog Conversations gave users to pick their favorite feature of the phone, offering a variety of choices that include Android apps, Nokia apps (MixRadio, HERE Maps), Distinctive Nokia design, Fastlane, Affordable price, Microsoft apps (OneDrive, Outlook, Skype), Dual SIM, Tile-based brightly colored homescreen, Third-party apps stores, Nokia Store, Homescreen widgets and Apps folders.

In results, about 20.1% users have picked Android apps over Nokia’s proprietary apps (15.69%) as well as Microsoft apps (6.87%). It’s a sign of success of Nokia X smartphone and justify the unprecedented pre-orders of Nokia X devices in China and other emerging markets.

Undoubtedly, users have denied the Nokia store, liked by 1.95% of users only, which was quite expected as the app store has nothing compared to Google Play, consisting a few thousands of apps. Even, newly announced Instagram and WhatsApp for Nokia X aren’t available through the official store.

In addition, 13.62% of people voted for the Nokia design language and almost same (13.26%) number of people appreciated the Fastlane, however, it may annoy when you have to long press back button to return to the homescreen. Hopefully, Nokia will take care of this and tweak this feature for a better multi-tasking.

Take a look at complete result of the survey below:


Are you excited about pre-ordering the Nokia X? What’s your favorite feature of the phone? Let us know in the comments.