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Apple to launch new fan-less 12″ MacBook with new trackpad design

Apple may fulfill one of Steve Jobs dreams soon: A laptop without cooling fans. The late Cupertino’s CEO never wanted a cooling assembly for computer, because these are too noisy and annoying. The Company has even developed fans with special blades to minimize the noise over the past few years. Now, Apple seems ready for its first fanless MacBook.

According to a post published a Chinese forum weiphone, the next product would see the light will be an ultra-light 12-inch MacBook, utterly fan-less and will feature a new multi-touch trackpad without physical buttons.

It’s not known yet that how Apple will implement cooling mechanism for Intel processor fitted in all Macs like its iOS devices, where fans aren’t necessarily required. However, we must not forget that iOS devices run on ARM chipsets, which are less expensive in terms of energy and heat than a x86 architecture based processor.

Previously, Apple filed a new patent at the United States Patent and Trademark Office that reveals a new trackpad with sensors and actuators. On the same track, Apple seems to give up the only physical button present on the current lineup. Even today, the use of the physical button is entirely optional, as you can perform all operations using multitouch gestures.

If earlier rumors are to be believed, the device will integrate a Retina Display and an ultra-slim clamshell form factor. KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo – a reliable source of Apple World mentioned that the device would redefine laptop computing once again following the milestone created by the MacBook Air.

The new report also suggests that Apple will refresh the MacBook Air lineup soon while the MabBook Pro range will get a refresh sometime in September this year. Additionally, the forum post also suggests that Apple is indeed working on highly-rumored iWatch, although the development process is still in prototyping stage. Therefore, it would be unworthy to expect its arrival anytime soon.

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