Since the launch in September 2013, the vibrant iPhone 5C has dwelled on constant denigration that has lead the critics and the marketers alike to deem it as an Apple’s failure.

The reiterations have come in the wake of the recent data, which revealed that the Apple iPhone 5C, a relatively cheaper model, hasn’t been able to outsell Apple’s most noted and hot selling device, the iPhone 5S.

Clearly, the former couldn’t live up to Apple’s lucrative standards, and as the study suggests, the 5S solely and astonishingly dominated for a significant period across AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. Yet another astonishing dominance is that of the purported flop handset, the iPhone 5C, over the top selling Android and Blackberry flagship models.

According to AppleInsider, the iPhone 5C has outshone every BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Android flagship device in the United States in Q4. The winter quarter sale of 8.2 million of Nokia’s Windows Phone was crumpled by the spectacular 12.8 million unit’s sales of the iPhone 5C handsets. Just as easily, it also thwarted Blackberry, which could scrap mere 6 million units in that quarter. The iPhone 5C also beat out Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S4, which reportedly sold 9 million units, thereby successfully pushing it out of the top US sales chart. LG’s flagship G2 suffered a similar fate, and just managed to sell a dwindling figure of 2.3 million units in the same quarter.


A detailed report gives the raving critics a lot more to say than just pouncing on the handset with fierce criticism. As per the report, Apple’s iPhone 5C occupies the third position in terms of sales, hence outliving the expectations earlier hinged to it.

Last quarter, a report from a leading market analyst company unraveled a curious shift of the broader Android audience to the Apple squad. Kantar reported in December last year that almost half of the iPhone 5C buyers were switching from Android-based competitors, especially those from Korean Giants Samsung and LG. This surprising paradigm switch was exactly what Apple had anticipated for.

“iPhone 5C is a flop”, is unequivocally an overstatement. Statistics and comprehensive study have unleashed the startling facts about the sales of the handset in the market. Unlike various Android or Windows Phone devices, the 5C has some marvelous features to entice, including the apps and games that are run on iOS Operating system and its vast storage capacity of 16 GB that leaves 12.5 GB easily available to the users. To add another fluttering feather to the Apple squad of iPhone 5C, its performance is at par with that of Galaxy S4, despite the higher RAM of the latter.

The Apple iPhone 5C isn’t an incredibly or a technically path-breaking product, yet it’s managed to carve out strategic niche in the competitive battle of smartphones. And if figures and statistics are anything to go by, to a certain extent, it’s a winner.