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Twitter allows 4 photos in each tweet along with 10 tags


Twitter has announced today an update for its Android and iPhone users, which brings couple of features that takes it closer to the rival Facebook.

Firstly, you can now attach up to 4 photos in a tweet. The images look like a font of collage of four photos, a sort of mosaic that enriches the tweet bringing more information about the message. The new feature is already available for iPhone users and will be available for Android and twitter.com users in the next few days.

Secondly, the update brings tagging functionality to the images. Now you can tag up to 10 people in each image. As soon as you tag your friends in a picture, they will get notified. However, the tag isn’t going to appear in the tweet, thus avoiding to consume space in the 140 characters of the message. Users can customize notifications and privacy options inside Settings page.


Both photo tagging and Tweets with multiple photos will also display in embedded tweets. The importance of the two new features is especially relevant to the synergy between the two elements. Now you will be able to add more photos, it means you can add more people via tagging that will draw more users on Twitter, possibly even more frequently. This will automatically result more traffic on the social network.

Twitter has been working on its photo feature for quite a long time in an attempt to compete with photo-sharing app Instagram owned by Facebook.

To get these new features, download the latest iPhone and Android app.

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