Against the global release date i.e. April 11, the Samsung Galaxy S5 has found its way into Korean stores ahead of its schedule. Samsung is understandably ‘puzzled’ at this development and still trying to verify the facts to formulate its appropriate response. Samsung has stated that its decision on global release on April 11 remains unchanged.

Samsung had scheduled the release of Galaxy S5 across 150 countries on Friday, April 11. However, the carriers in South Korea had other plans. According to the new policy for the carriers in South Korea, SK Telecom, KT Corp and others won’t be allowed to take up any new customers for 45 days. This policy came into being because the carriers offered illegal discounts to customers.

Accordingly, SK Telecom has gone on to release the smartphone today, two weeks ahead of its schedule. Other carriers such as KT Corp and LG Plus Corp are likely to follow. Samsung also revealed that SK Telecom, the largest carrier in South Korea, had requested for an earlier release date, but it was turned down.


In a move to justify this premature release, SK Telecom stated that it’s resorted to this step to provide wider choice of smartphones prior to the impending suspension taking effect from April 5. While the global release is far from here, the mobile carriers seem to have the stock of S5, needed for the early release as Samsung had provided the same for marketing and pre-orders in view of the global launch.

Unlike its predecessors, the Galaxy S5 doesn’t come overloaded with far too many features. In fact, the company has attempted to stick to the basics. However, the Galaxy S5 comes with features pertaining to fitness such as built-in heart rate monitor, pedometer and fitness tracker, designed to lure the fitness enthusiasts. SK Telecom said that it’s available for approx. $808 sans contract.

With the premature release of Galaxy S5, Samsung faces a situation unheard of so far. It remains to be seen how Samsung responds to this little storm in the South Korean tea-cup.