With “Big Table”, Google had transformed the concept of data storage in 2006. Now tech giants Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have decided to team up to revolutionize it further through WebScaleSQL, a version of MySQL exclusively designed for large scale web companies.

BigTable had spelt out a completely new approach to data storage that parted with old ways for storing data in rows and columns on a single machine. What BigTable achieved was to render it simpler to spread the available data on tens of thousands of servers. It led to a lot of activity in the open-source space with this development.

While this was a significant development, the relational databases didn’t cease to exist. In some of the scenarios, it’s still preferable to store data in rows and columns. It’s still useful primarily because it’s to fathom the database and reproduce the data. That is just one part of it. The other is that these large companies also have to find the technique of spreading these databases on various platforms. This is where WebScaleSQL comes into play.

It has to be something truly path-breaking to bring together Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and make them collaborate the way they have agreed to. It will all be open-source, to be shared with all. The objective behind WebScaleSQL is said to be able to work toward placing the priorities in the right order with respect to the aspects of database of the future.

The companies, in collaboration, have worked for the past few months. They have put a system of review the codes, emerging from these interaction and collaboration. A WebScaleSQL engineer can suggest a change in the code, and other company will consider and weigh his counterpart. He will provide the feedback. If both of them agree, it will officially become the part of the code base for all.

This project is an ideal illustration of how open source can make even rivals to come together and work collaboratively for common problems.

Source: Facebook