Windows PC gamers’ long wait for the second-gen of Microsoft’s Kinect sensor will apparently come to an end soon. Microsoft has finalized the look and design of the Kinect for Windows v2.

Kinect for Windows Team has detailed the hardware in a blog post. According to a Microsoft tease, the sensor looks identical to the Kinect for Xbox One, but with a couple of design changes.

The Kinect logo is moved on the top panel, and the Xbox Nexus’s green ‘X’ is no longer a fashionable lighting, but the power indicator. In addition, the Kinect 2 for Windows supports 1080p full-color 16: 9 camera, a 3D sensor for capturing more details, and an infrared camera to work in low-light conditions.

Skelton detection is a way better than its predecessor, thanks to the improved Time-of-Flight depth camera. It detects more joints now, and the new SDK identifies up to six skeletons rather than just two.

Image Courtesy: The Imaginative Universal

The sensor comes with a couple of accessories that include: a hub and power supply adapter. The hub is a junction for all the components and connects the sensor, USB 3.0 output to PC, and the power supply. As the name implies, the power adapter does its job and operates voltages from 100-240 volts.

Additionally, it’s packed with four microphones on board to detect your heart rate, catching more and more actions in front of the screen.

There’s no concrete details about the pricing and release date so far, but the launch is imminent as the blog post reads, “As this first look at the Kinect for Windows v2 hardware indicates, we’re getting closer and closer to launch. So stay tuned for more updates on the next generation of Kinect for Windows.” Although, the company said earlier that the device would be launched by summer 2014.


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