Barely five months since the BlackBerry (NASDAQ:BBRY) Messenger app shelled out a space for Android based handsets and iPhones. Being a cross platform messaging service, BlackBerry Messenger, popularly recited as BBM, is accepted quickly and now that has over 85 million monthly active users.

During the MWC 2014, BlackBerry’s CEO, John Chen confirmed the launch of messenger for Windows Phone and now, has reiterated that BBM will soon be brought to the Windows Phone in fiscal Q2, probably between May and July. BBM is also slated to be released on Nokia X Software platform. The app will be snowballed into other Nokia devices, including some Lumia devices, too.

However, the point of contention is the fiscal year that Chen referred to at the conference. The Q2 of the fiscal year in Canada ends in June, whereas in the US it ends on March 31st. Unless Chen was referring to the Canadian fiscal year, it seems quite unlikely that the BBM app will have Windows Phone users enthralled with its benefits, considering the US fiscal has almost drawn to a close.

Once the app is successfully launched for Windows Phone and Nokia X users, they will have an easy access to a sweeping set of features, inclusive of BBM chats, groups and channels, and new emoticons.  The users will be empowered to have instant BBM chats – both private and group, with group chats enabling them to conversate with up to 50 people at the same time. In addition, BBM users for Windows Phone and Nokia X will now be able to share photos, audio messages and other documents via a single tap. Over a 100 new emoticons will effectively add to people’s communication pool by granting expression in copious ways.

Launched in 2005, BBM etched its way out to become one of the best-known mobile apps for messaging and private social networking. Immensely popular for its privacy and control features, BBM has already embarked on a journey to thwart WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app. Once the much-anticipated app hits the Windows Phone Store, it would only be a matter of a touch before the users are able to reap its networking benefits.


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