Microsoft seems to be finally pulling its socks together to get people upgrade their PCs to a newer operating system, thereby replacing the much antiquated Windows XP that will breathe its last breath on April 8th. In a desperate attempt for the same, Microsoft is offering a $100 off on the purchases of a Surface Pro 2 or other Windows 8.1 devices. Clearly, Microsoft seems determined to liberate its users from the 13-year long Windows XP regime.

However, the $100 incentive would be made available to those users whose new purchases would fall in the pool of more than $500. The promotional strategy also includes 90 days of free technical support and software to migrate all files to the new PC. The current offer seems a few notches above Microsoft’s last attempt in which it was offering a $50 card to its users, in case people bought a new Windows 8.1 PC directly from the company. However, the question that tricks people into conundrum is:

Is $100 enough an amount to nudge Windows XP’s fans for an OS switch?

Apparently, people aren’t willing to budge from the typicality of the popular OS primarily because Windows XP is still rooted in people’s technical fabric. However, in a scenario when $50 card couldn’t trigger enough Windows 8.1 sales, the new move is definitely more likely to pave way for soaring sales of the new Windows 8.1 devices. Considering the fact that users will’ve no option left other than upgrading their systems after April 8, the $100 off deal will encourage people for the desired switch. The offer is valid from March 20, 2014 until June 15, 2014.

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On April 8th when Microsoft will finally withdraw its support from the Windows XP operating system for good (or for bad, for some). and the OS won’t get any security update or technical assistance from the Redmond developers. This will make Windows XP susceptible to cyber-attacks. In such a scenario, a switch to Windows 8.1 could come to people’s rescue.

Windows XP End of Support

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Almost 30 percent of all internet-connected desktop PCs run on Windows XP, while 32.2 percent operate on Windows 8. Despite the better statistics whether Windows 8.1 will be able to carve out a space in people’s techno-frenzy world, well that would be better discerned after the final day.