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New re-designed and enhanced Google Play Version 4 coming soon


Google has once again made a major change to one of its most important assets related to the Android operating system – The Google Play store. The Google Play store is the online marketplace where users come and surf for some really cool games, apps and a lot more stuff.

We are very happy to see this new and improved version of Google Play which uses a lot of colors, proper alignments and exhibits discipline. There was a time when Google Play store was really messed up and it was very difficult to navigate through the stuff available. The online store was even missing a lot of important features that would enhance and enrich user experience.

The time is long gone, and now we have an online store that is really made in the way it should have been. Google has been making continuous tweaks and improvements in order to make Google Play Store as good as possible. Today the company has come up with Google Play Version 4.0. I hope you all are excited, because according to the news, you really should be!

new google play

This new version of Google Play has been totally re-designed and enhanced from a UI perspective. It has got bigger images, it uses new fonts for category section titles and uses the Holo theme to the maximum. Individual pages for sections like apps, games, movies etc. all have bigger images and a better overall look and feel. A clean and unique color has been given to every section hence making it an important part of the design that will help distinguish categories and identify sections immediately. Even though text is important, images speak a lot more and easily grab attention. Google Play makes the most of this fact and fills your screen with a lot of cleanly organized images as well as text.

Even though this new version is not completely live as of now, we expect this new version numbered 4.0.16 to be out very soon. Stay in touch and we will get back to you when this version is out for good.

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