Year after year, Google tries to make users April fool with its amazing pranks. It not only makes more pranks than any other tech-savvy company but also tries to break its own limits in pranking. This year, Google has brought something, which are indeed better than its previous year’s pranks. Let’s take a look.

Google Japanese Input: Magic Hand

After Touch, Stylus and S pen, Google Japan has unveiled a revolutionary input method for smartphone—the Magic Hand. It will do everything for you even scratching your back. The dimension of fictional hand is 100mm (W) x 390mm (H) x 180mm (D) and weighs around 800g with 17 hours of battery life.

Here’s the self-explanatory, detailed video of the mind-boggling device:

You can read more about the Magic Hand here.

Pokémon Challenge on Google Maps

Google has partnered with Nintendo and announced a Pokemon challenge. Players have to find Pokemon—around 150—across the globe with the help of Google Maps.

It’s an augmented reality game, where Pokemon pops up on the Google Maps anywhere and anytime. Players need to visit the places and hold their smartphones to see Nintendo’s cartoon creatures. They can even catch them using their smartphones.

In order to enter the challenge, Player has to update Google Maps apps for iOS and Android, and then tap search and press start to being locating the hidden Pokemon. They can put them in Pokedex after catching. Deadline to submit the entries is April 2, 201 by 2:00 PDT.

However, when asked one of the Pokemon fan said that, they feel disappointed because no such Pokemon game actually exists.

Gmail Shelfie

On its 10th birthday, Google has launched Gmail Shelfie—the SHareable sELFIE. It is based on the idea that anyone like your mom, your aunt, or that girl you have a crush on can set your Shelfie as their Gmail theme.


It will give them freedom to see your friendly face in the background while checking, reading and writing emails.

It’s built on the idea that the user shouldn’t be selfish with your selfie.

No doubt, the Mountain View group is not only the best in the search engines but also in making pranks. Happy Pranking!