Just about a week after the Twitter app was launched on the Windows Store, there is an update available for the same. It seems even Twitter is very caring and attentive about this new app and the way it will serve consumers.

This new update did not have any change notes that would justify the reason for the new update. Thanks to Neowin who contacted Twitter for more information, we now know the reason for the update. We hope that there are no new bugs in this update, at least for some time.

It would have always been better if Twitter would simply mention that the new update takes care of minor bugs in order to not confuse users. This is not the first time that an app has been updated in order to fix minor bugs. An update note saying ‘Minor bugs fixed’ has been one of the most common ways used by app makers in order to inform consumers about what the new update is for. Anyway, we hope Twitter will take care of this next time, not that we want a new bug to surface in the app.

“This was just a minor update that added some bug fixes,” a spokesperson said. Even though he did not give out any details about exactly what bugs were fixed, we now know that the earlier version had a problem. However, we do not have to worry about it anymore since the update takes care of it. Twitter has been very successful on the Windows 8 platform and has already taken a spot in the top 10 most popular free apps. So if you have not downloaded this popular app yet, then go ahead and get your own copy of Twitter today and if you already have it, get it updated.