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Windows 8.1 Update to release on April 8, Available on MSDN and TechNet

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) has announced Windows 8.1 Update, already known as “Spring 2014 Update”. The update had been the subject of leaks for past several months, hence the announcement comes as the confirmation about its features.

In this release, the Redmond developers have tried to eliminate some defects and mend up the roof that was left opened with the advent of Windows 8.

The update is aimed at those who prefer to use mouse and keyboard. After installing the update, a lots of tasks become handy with these two input devices. It includes the ability to boot to desktop instead of Start, directly on non-touch systems, whereas the OS boots to Start on tablets and touch systems. When you will install the update, it will automatically detect the system capabilities and set the default environment.

Microsoft has reduced the minimum system requirements of Windows 8.1. Now you can install Windows 8.1 (with Update) on the low-profile devices with 1GB of RAM and 16GB of disk space.

Now, Windows Store apps can be pinned on the taskbar, and you will find the power and the search button on Start, but not on touch devices. The update brings old-fashioned context menu on Start, allowing pin to taskbar, resize, uninstall the app and so forth. Additionally, the Modern apps now includes title bar with minimize and close buttons, which activates when you hover the mouse on the top edge.

The new code also includes OneDrive, OneNote and Internet Explorer 11 with Enterprise mode to ensure compatibility with old corporate sites.

The update as well as slipstreamed ISOs are now available on MSDN and TechNet, the paid subscribers can start downloading right now, while general public has to wait for April 8, 2014. Unlike the Windows 8.1 upgrade, the update will be released via Windows Update.

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