Dark is the new bright. Or so is for Spotify, the popular music streaming service has undergone a major overhaul in terms of its looks. Diving in a darker look, black is now the only color in Spotify’s palette. Until now, Spotify had sported a rather grayish look in addition to plenty of visually appealing things.

The new look, however, focuses more on content and has a spate of some artistic features: refreshed typography and rounded iconography spewing beauty, to say the least. Spotify’s new face has been rolled out for iPhone and desktop users.

Since its launch in 2008, Spotify had brandished more or less a similar look with a few minor experiments earlier. Taking a leaf from social networking sites, Spotify’s user pages now have a round profile picture and a cover photo. Its search function heralds more space to show results and an additional feature called YourMusic lets users save songs and albums to a personal collection, using a save button. The same collection can be browsed by songs, albums or local files. This immensely helps reduce user’s efforts to look for his favorite song and also enables him to customize his collections.


Michelle Kadir, Spotify director of product said that the new theme had risen from users’ demands and feedback. The attempt is to make things easier for the user, by delivering what is just enough without overdoing things.

“The modern user wants to personalize all the different products that they are using. We want to help them quickly find what they want,” said Kadir. “Even in an access model, they want to keep track of everything they like.”

The music streaming service has apparently made listening quite beautiful. However, the new Spotify isn’t only about aesthetics. It also endorses an array of useful features, YourMusic and browse feature being the most notable of all.

“Content is king” embellishes the core of Spotify’s new look. With the navigation made downright simple, and appealing at the same time, it’s tread on an innovative, dark side. All iPhone and desktop users can experience the marvels of the dark side starting from April 2nd.