WhatsApp, the popular messaging platform hits a breaking record of 64 billion messages sent in one day, exceeding the New Year’s Eve record. The popular cross-platform IM service announced the high record via Twitter update on Wednesday.

The new record includes 20 billion inbound and 44 billion outbound messages in a single day this week. With more than 1000 retweets and over 460 favorites, the announcement stirred the followers worldwide to comment, question, and reply—one follower got curious and asked what was the previous record. The last public disclosure of previous figures, indicated the New Year’s Eve 2013 record of 54 billion messages.

While 64 billion is exceedingly impressive as a new milestone, after the announcement, the platform experienced outage, wherein frustrated users from Malaysia to Singapore, Spain and among others, according to Express UK, ranted on Twitter that it was down.

Twitter user, @weathergirl posted, “Timeline now: Whatsapp down. Whatsapp down. Whatsapp down. Whatsapp down. Whatsapp down.”

Another user, Hicham Felter @hpfelter tweeted, “Why is @WhatsApp down again? Ever since you sold out to @facebook things have been going wrong..Sort it out!!!”

WhatsApp hasn’t provided any status update regarding the outage.

As users spend time conversing in these little green speech bubbles in their smartphones, it’s not surprising that Facebook shelled out $19 billion on the platform. Since the acquisition, users had linked these problems due to the recent purchase and WhatsApp confirmed that they operate independently.

The numbers can’t give us the value of money these records, but WhatsApp, which is now Facebook-owned Company is set to go for voice chat as the next step to cater the 465 million users as of this writing.

Viber, SnapChat, BlackBerry IM, and Samsung ChatOn are some of the competitors of WhatsApp. In Asia, on the other hand, WeChat is one of the fastest and growing IM platforms with m-commerce features.