BlackBerry has reached yet another milestone as it now showcases over 100,000 apps on the BlackBerry World online store. BlackBerry has finally reached the 100,000 apps mark and this is definitely good news for all users who own a BlackBerry Z10 or are planning to get either a Z10 or the Q10.

Even though this new number is nothing at all if you compare it with the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. However, this number is definitely very important for BlackBerry. The company has been able to add 30,000 new games and apps to its online store in just about seven weeks. Not only has the company been able to raise the total number, but has also been successful in delivering high profile and popular apps that consumers really need. Apps like WhatsApp and Kindle Reader are also available on the BlackBerry World online store, and we expect a lot more apps to be added to this list.


WhatsApp was launched on BlackBerry some time ago, and now we have Amazon who has finally launched Kindle Reader. Other important apps include apps from The Wall Street Journal and OpenTable etc. There have also been promises of more popular apps coming to the platform which will include apps like Skype, eBay, CNN, Viber and Rdio etc. These apps are expected to be launched in the coming weeks.

We sure hope to see all these apps up on BlackBerry World along with many other apps that would elevate the quality and standard of BlackBerry 10. We want this to happen not only for the company, but also the very important ‘consumers’ that put faith in this platform and are proudly using a BlackBerry device.