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Amazon Fire TV: Will it kill Apple TV and Roku TV?


It was long before the ecommerce giant, Amazon tried its luck in the streaming media services. Now again, with $99 internet-connected TV set top box called Fire TV, Amazon is back with a bang, offering Google and Apple a stiff competition in the market.

Powered by a tenacious Android-driven platform, the Fire TV will connect to various video services and also offer easy access to Netflix, Prime Instant Video and Hulu apps.

The Amazon Fire TV looks simple, a plain black box — utterly sleek and lightweight. It’s equipped with a quad-core CPU with 2gigs of RAM, and supports 1080p streaming. The MIMO dual band Wi-Fi that Fire TV supports easily thwarts Roku, Apple TV and Chromecast in terms of the phenomenal speed it offers. It comes with an incredibly small remote control featuring seven buttons and click-wheel navigator. Just a click at the topmost button and you can get a peek into its gigantic library, empowering you to look for about every possible thing or title.

Fire TV’s stark similarity to Apple TV and Roku’s streaming box doesn’t prevent it from being an unparalleled device in the domain of streaming media; a set of exclusive features makes Amazon’s invention far more fascinating than its Apple or Google counterparts.

The tiny remote comes power packed with a microphone; the user just needs to mutter the name of the TV show he wants to see, and the amazing Fire TV will switch to that show. One thing that sets aside Amazon’s creation from the rest is a set of parental features that allows parents to create up to four different viewing profiles for their children.

Lately, the media market has witnessed a downfall with consumers shifting to the Web to fix up the entertainment quotient. In such a scenario, Amazon’s Fire TV propels the consumers to have a change of style by carving out its own space in people’s living room. While Apple TV and Fire TV enable users to download videos through iTunes and Amazon Instant Video, Google hasn’t been far behind in the race. Google Chromecast, a small USB stick-like device that allows users to stream videos from YouTube was launched last year.

An array of some unique features certainly sets Fire TV apart from Roku, which has only a handful of games in its silhouette. In the US where Apple dominates with a 43% of streaming deices, compared to Roku’s bare 24%, the former appears to be the clear winner.

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