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Google joins the smart watch competitors list


After rumors about Apple working on the Apple iWatch and Samsung working on Samsung Altius smart watch, we now have rumors about Google joining these two companies with a smart watch of its own.

It was said that the year 2013 will be the year of the next generation smartphones, and it did, as almost every smartphone manufacturer has announced its next generation smartphone in the first three months of the year. Now it seems that the next year (2014) could be the ‘year of smart watches.’

Rumors have indicated that two of the most important players in the world of smartphones and tablets are working on a smart watch device that will be used as an accessory along with high end smartphones and might also be useable as a stand alone device. We were already happy and excited when we came to know about the Apple iWatch and Samsung Altius which are the smart watches that these companies are working on. Now we have another reason to be happy and excited as new rumors indicate that even Google is planning to enter this competition. The company has already come up with a unique device named Google Glass and hence we have definitely taken this new rumor seriously.

google android smart watch patent

If there really is supposed to be a third company to challenge Apple and Samsung in a market segment that does not really exist as of now, then Google would have definitely been our choice. The rumors about Google working on a smart watch are not just rumors that are floating in the open air of the internet. According to Financial Times, Google had filed a patent application for a smart watch back in the year 2011. This is something very similar to the news which said that Apple has been working on the budget iPhone since the year 2011.

It so turns out that the gadgets we have started to think about in the year 2013, were already in the making two years ago. This is big news and if it is true, which we think it is, then we could have a completely new mobile market by the second half of the year 2014.

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