Vine has now carved out a private room for daily chit-chats. Twitter’s six-second video sharing service will now be accompanied by direct messaging feature that will save users from the trouble of broadcasting their conversations. Along with videos, users will now be able to send text messages to their contacts. The feature has been introduced for both Android and iOS users.

In order to get direct messages, user need to download and install Vine 2.0 version from respective app stores. As users becoming increasingly concerned about sharing of their conversations in public, it was only a matter of time before Twitter got to its feet to sort the anomaly out. The new messaging feature allows private text messages to an individual as well as multiple contacts, along with a six-second private video. All they need to do is to go to the ‘Messages’ option, shoot a video and later send it to the recipients. The users, however, will receive messages from people they follow or with whom they are mutual followers on Twitter. One can chat with multiple people, though separate threads will be created.

To add another feather to the cap, Twitter has waived restrictions from the messaging app. Now one can send Vine messages via e-mail and SMS. This feature has further opened Vine to more lucrative opportunities.

If there is something even more interesting about the latest update, it’s the customize options that the users are now showered with. Users can now customize their profiles with the color of their choice, and others will be able to get a glimpse of that color when they visit the user’s profile. This feature works in line similar to hike, another distinguished messaging app. However, with the introduction of this messaging feature, Vine is getting prepared to compete against Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

Vine Official Blog says that there is a lot more in store for the app, and certainly, for its users too. While Android and iOS phones have already got the update, Windows phone users might still have to wait before they get to ‘Vine’ together, too.

Users can download the latest version from App Store or Google Play.