The rumor mill churns again purporting Samsung Chromebook 2 release in mid-April and the prices, available in the two models—11.6-inch and 13-inch version with improved batteries, faster processors, and tweaks in exterior design.

The Chromebook 2 11.6-inch model is tagged at $319 while the 13-inch Full HD versions will be around $399. Both models are packed with internal and external enhancements from performance to aesthetics to add appeal.

Samsung is working on Chromebook 2’s exterior aesthetics in faux leather that was used in Galaxy Note previously. Inspired from the mobile design, which from then on, the faux leather has been used in selected Note editions of Samsung, expect a leatherette laptop exterior with Chromebook 2.

The 11-6 inch Chromebook 2, a handy mini laptop, comes with an impressive 8 hours of battery life, weighing 2.4 pounds with HD display and available in both black and white colors. The 13-inch model, obviously bigger than the former, sports 8.5 hours of battery life, weighing 3.09 pounds with 1080 HD display, but it’s available in grey color only.


Samsung Exynos 5 Octa processor also dubbed as the world’s first Octa-core mobile processer powers both Chromebook 2 models.

It’s expected that the global Chromebook shipments will reach up to 4 to 5 million units according to the Taiwan supply chain makers, and that includes the aforementioned models. Consumers are still not used to cloud-based storage model, and the access of 4G isn’t up to the standard with manufactured devices.

While Microsoft is moving forward in improving its mobile OS and PC products, Google Chromebook has a potential to gain market share in the future. In 2013, Chromebook shipments reach 2.1 million and most of them were brought in North America as calculated by ABI Research.

With handy Chromebooks to roll out, ABI Research predicts an increase of 11 million of sales in 5 years because of the portability, convenience, and low-cost price points that features similar functions of mobile devices and tablets and capable of mobile computing. However, the smartphone business is strong with indomitable demand, which will challenge the Chromebook makers and laptop sellers to introduce the products with additional rich features while keeping them at low-cost price points.

Chromebook 2 models are Samsung’s response to the fast-pace laptop and smartphone business to roll out this mid-April.