About three weeks ago, it was rumored that Samsung and SK Telecom are jointly preparing yet another smartwatch with calling feature.

Now again, the rumor mill has churned about such a smartwatch that will be totally independent of a smartphone. According to The Korea Herald, a new member of the Samsung Gear 2 family with a Universal Subscriber Identity Module (USIM) is pipeline, dubbed as the Gear Solo.

The South Korean manufacturer has already registered the name “Galaxy Solo” in the Korean Intellectual Property Office. As the moniker sounds, it would be standalone gadget, which will work individually without a connection (via Bluetooth) to a smartphone.

Initially, the wearable is aimed at the Korean market. And SK Telecom will be the first to bring the device on the market, however, it doesn’t exclude the possibility of the global rollout.

The smartwatch will reportedly be identical to the Gear 2 counterparts, but able to make and receive voice calls, read/reply to messages and 3G connectivity. Indeed the wearable market is getting rush, and Samsung is willing for its place to reside.

Lately, LG Electronics as well as Motorola have previewed their smartwatches, but unlike the Gear 2, those timepieces run Android Wear. Whereas Apple is purportedly gearing up for its iWatch project, which is likely arrive sometime in September.

When asked to comment on the situation, a Samsung executive refused to say anything about such a product that isn’t officially revealed.

Would you be buying the Gear 2 next week or wait for the Gear Solo? Share your thoughts below.

Source: The Korea Herald