In the cut-throat competition between tech-savvy giants, Dropbox wants to become more than file hosting service. In a smart move, Dropbox has introduced two apps, Carousel and Mailbox for different platforms.

Carousel is an application, for both Android and iOS, which combines the photos in your Dropbox account and sorts them according to the event, date, time. It also automatically backs up the new images taken from smartphones. Along with these features, it allows you to privately share photos and videos in few seconds by sending a simple link instead of the files itself, minimizing the outgoing data traffic and maximizing the efficiency of the operation.


In a blog post, Dropbox quoted, “Once upon a time, photos were something you held. You kept them safe in an album or shoebox, and it was easy to relive those moments with friends and family. Today, new apps and devices have made it easier than ever to take photos, but there’s no longer a single home for all your life’s memories.”

The Californian Company has finally released the new version of its Mailbox application for Google Android phone and OS X desktop. Earlier, it was limited to iPhone and iPad. Mailbox for Android has come up with a new gesture called auto-swipe that can automatically sort your email.

Evidently, with Carousel and Mailbox, Dropbox wants to make an important step forward in the definition of its service and its own identity. Dropbox with nearly 275 million users, now goes to confront more directly against the biggies like Google, Microsoft.

Currently, Carousel isn’t available for Windows phone that boosts Microsoft OneDrive among users.

Many of us still remember Adobe Carousel, which was a powerful picture sharing options & access to your entire photo library from anywhere. Later, Adobe replaced it with Adobe Revel few months back. However, both applications are different.

Click here to download Carousel and Mailbox.