Facebook seems to have taken a rather interesting stand on its messaging strategy – it has decided to isolate its messaging feature from the main app. It has begun to notify some European countries that the users there will no longer enjoy the luxury of chatting from Facebook’s main app; they have to download a separate app to keep the talks going. However, only Android and iOS users will’ve to bear the brunt of this startling decision.

Apparently, the built in chat feature will be thrown out of the Facebook’s original interface within two weeks from now. Though the original message button will continue to have a home in the main Facebook App, Android and iOS users will’ve no other choice but to download the messenger. The strategy will soon be rolled out to other countries, as well.

Facebook’s move to churn out a way for a dedicated messaging app is tantamount to outpacing the sanctity of other popular messaging apps like Line, WeChat and Kik. That the users will’ve to download two separate apps for a feature that could easily be served by one is slightly disappointing. Managing multiple apps and switching between them can prove to be inherently annoying. However, tablet users and Android phones with low memory would be spared.

The decision, however, couldn’t entirely be deemed as unnecessary. Facebook is likely to add some more features to it, like free calling, which the company recently made available to the messenger. The size of the main app might shrivel too, hence offering better networking speeds. On iOS, the messenger interface will allow the users to switch back to the main FB app via a single tap. Android phones aren’t likely to offer such a thing.

Right now people can only do so much so as to avoid the trouble of harboring an additional app in their mobile phones, considering the overwhelming population that relies on Facebook messages for daily conversations. Facebook’s recent acquisition of WhatsApp seems to have triggered the move, for there seems to be an escalating pressure on Facebook to carve out a topmost niche in the messaging space, as well.