If you’re currently using Sony’s VAIO Fit 11A laptop, chances are that you will’ve to stop using it right away. VAIO Fit 11A’s non removable battery packs are susceptible to overheat and hence can catch fire causing partial burns to the PC housing, notified Sony to over 25,000 VAIO users. According to the company, three cases of overheating have already been reported so far while the other laptops have been roped in for repair or replacement.

Launched in February 2014, VAIO Fit 11A had appeared to be quite promising by offering a small-screened take on its larger fit convertible laptops. However, barely two months since its release and it’s already nursing ‘heated’ issues.

Sony has confirmed that out of all the units that have been sold so far, over 7000 have been shipped to the European market, 3000 to Japan and 500 to the US. Sony has requested its valued customers to stop using VAIO Fit 11A personal computer.

Sony stated, “It has come to our attention that some of the internal, non-removable battery packs provided to us by a third party supplier and included in VAIO Fit 11A released in February 2014 have the potential to overheat resulting in partial burns to the housing of the PC.”

The company also pointed, “If you have one or more of the VAIO Fit 11A models listed below, please immediately discontinue use, shut down and unplug the PC. We are currently identifying affected PCs by serial numbers and developing a program to repair or replace the affected PCs at no charge, or to refund the purchase price for the affected PCs, in accordance with the program. We expect to post a program announcement with details within two weeks. In the meantime, as your safety is our primary concern, we ask again that you, please refrain from using the below-listed models until you further hear from us in the program announcement.”

“We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause,” it further added.

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It’s not the first time that VAIO has plunged into troubled waters for its battery issues. In 2006 too, Sony was forced to recall some of its laptops due to technical glitches in its batteries. Partial VAIO recalls were also announced for electrical problems in 2003, 2008 and 2009.

The battery packs in trouble were supposedly supplied by a third party supplier and this time its Panasonic. Sony UK has introduced a hotline and serial number checker to enable consumers to follow some corrective and precautionary measures. However, no such tool has been introduced in the US, where relatively less number of units has been sold.

VAIO was introduced in the market in 1997, and since then has had many problems to face despite its stylish design and significant price premium. The model appeared captivating enough to the consumers, but when other inexpensive and stylish systems thronged the computer business shortly later, Sony started losing its sheen. Over the years Sony has dived into a pit of problems, the recent one being the battery crunch, which is sure to land it in more financial troubles.

Sony is not the first company which is facing such issues. In the past, news about Apple iPhone– 4S, 5C, 5S and Samsung Galaxy S4, S3 models catching fire were all over the web.

Source: Sony