A new report reveals that 44% of registered users have never tweeted in their lifetime out of 974 million users. Clearly, not the entire horde flocks to the site to login to their respective accounts, let alone post a tweet. This has led to a rather intriguing revelation – about the 44 percent of Twitter’s registered users haven’t tweeted at all.

Scrutinized by a Twitter Analytics company Twopcharts, nearly half of the registered users have never posted a single tweet, some 30 percent of existing Twitter accounts has sent 10 or fewer Tweets, and just 13 percent have tweeted more than 100 times. Roughly 428 million accounts are merely surviving on Twitter, with no activity at all.


But as much as the critics would like to deem this as a problem, the truth is that it isn’t a problem. For most online communities that follow a 90-9-1 rule, this is quite a common phenomenon. About 90% of the registered population does nothing but save or read the content generated by others. The next 9% contributes occasionally, by replying or re-tweeting. The remaining 1% population is the major content generator in actual terms.

However, the scarce statistic has caused a mild panic to Twitter. No wonder why it is coming up with a stream of new ideas to generate more active audience for it. The new changes ostensibly include allowing the users to pin a tweet, larger profile photos, larger and stronger fonts for text and a Facebook inspired header photo, popularly called as the cover photo.

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Clearly, Twitter wants more user’s engagement with social network as its revenue is directly proportional to user’s activity. More tweets, retweets, favorites, direct messaging, with other actions will generate revenue through advertisement. Twitter’s last year’s fourth quarter revenue was $243 million. It is growing however slowly.

The company needs to make serious attempts to strengthen its clasp on the audience by broadening its reach. Sorting through the massive amount of content that is piled up every day to finding people or accounts without much of a hassle, is what Twitter is looking forward to incorporating in its plan.

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At the end of 2013, Twitter had 241 million active users. Going by the recent report, the figure has almost doubled, yet the ‘44 percent’ tag is somewhere lingering over Twitter’s dwindling popularity.