Skype, the popular app on Windows Phone 8 which allows you to easily connect with your friends and family has now got even better. The new update brings a lot of enhancements and improvements that will give you a better user experience.

The new updated version Skype will give you clearer images, supports HD videos and will allow you to easily access your Skype contacts. Thanks to the efforts from the team that worked on this new update of Skype, Windows Phone 8 consumers can now chat with their friends and family on Skype using high definition videos.


This new update is the version 2.4 which is already out on the online store. The update makes use of the hardware acceleration present in Windows Phone 8 in order to improve the speed and performance, and at the same time enable Microsoft Windows Phone 8 users to make high quality video calls.

Of course, when we say high quality video calling with the help of hardware acceleration, we are talking about the high end smartphones like the Nokia Lumia 920, Lumia 820, HTC Windows Phone 8X and Samsung Ativ S etc. which can easily allow users to use 720p HD videos for Skype. Other mid-segment and low-segment Windows Phone 8 devices will offer VGA videos.

An added advantage is the consumers do not have to worry about the settings and all, they just have to talk or chat. The app will automatically set the video quality depending upon the current speed given by your Internet connection. Skype users can make use of both the cameras on their devices to make the video call (meaning front camera and rear camera), and at the same time can also easily switch between portrait and landscape mode.

The Windows Phone People Hub will also show Skype contacts, using which you can directly start a Skype call without having to launch Skype separately first. In addition to this, you can also easily switch between different user accounts before making the Skype call.


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