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Samsung Galaxy S4 – Price and Release Date

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has finally been unveiled. This next generation smartphone which is also the new flagship device of Samsung is all set to make a boom in the market, almost. ‘Almost’ because the device has still not been released in the market.

Well the good part is that Samsung has already told us that the Galaxy S4 will be available starting from the month of April. We already know that a lot of consumers out there are really excited about Galaxy S4 and are eagerly waiting to get their hands on one of the most powerful smartphones of the year.

After the unveiling of Galaxy S4, Samsung President J.K. Shin told us that the device will be available for retail in late April, but there were no other details given out for example the location, specific date, carrier or even which variant will be available. This is important data because Galaxy S4 will be launched in 155 countries all around the world, and people want to know when is it coming to their country.

We assume that the Galaxy S4 will be available from the 26h of April in all key markets which include countries like the US, UK etc. We believe that between the time period of April 26th through May 26th, the Galaxy S4 will be available in all markets around the world which includes countries like the US, UK, Canada, Italy, Germany, Australia and the emerging Asian markets which include countries like India and China.

The carrier locked contract based Galaxy S4 should be priced somewhere between $199 to $299 for a standard one or two year contract whereas the unlocked version of the Galaxy S4 will be priced somewhere around $800.

It is not easy to guess which variant will be available in each of the above countries, but we do have an estimation. Countries like the US, Canada, Germany and Sweden will get the Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core processor variant whereas others like UK, Australia, India and China will most probably get the Exynos 5 octal-core processor variant.

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