Streaming music industry is growing at a faster pace and companies like Beat, Spotify and Rhapsody are trying to lure more users.

In last few weeks, Sprint has been in talks with Spotify to bundle up the streaming music service with its Framily plan. According to people close to the matter, this deal will bring free Spotify trial accounts along with heavy discount on Spotify’s premium service.

Sprint customers rather than utilizing their credit or debit cards, will get the option to pay through bill to account (BTA) program. Sprint is likely to announce the deal on April 29th at an event in New York. This deal might get delayed because music labels, which are licensing their music to Spotify, can only approve it. However, there is least chance of denial because Spotify will get access to huge user base.

Sprint is planning this deal to answer AT&T and Beats Music collaboration held in January. Under the pact, Beats will give access to streaming music—without ads—for $9.99 per month. However, with $15 a month, five people can share the service. Apart from AT&T, Beats has a collaboration with Target, as well.

Spotify is also planning something same for Sprint Framily plan users. However, Sprint will provide better service at lower price in order to rule this super competitive field.

Recently, Spotify has revamped itself for cross-platform uniformity with new cleaner and darker design. Spotify’s premium service costs $9.99, but it has removed the time limit caps from all platforms to provide free unlimited music streaming. Clearly, Spotify wants to add more users to its current 9 million subscriber’s base to rule the world.

However, like every other company, both are mum on the situation.


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