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Apple iOS 6.1.3 update released – fixes lock screen bug


This year, Apple has been releasing a series of updates at a regular interval in order to try and fix the bugs that keep surfacing. The only problem is that the problems still exist even though the updates are supposed to fix them.

Once again, Apple has released the iOS 6.1.3 system update which is said to fix the screen lock bug that has been troubling the level of security in Apple. There was a bug in the previous version of iOS which allowed unwanted users to get access to an iPhone without the permission of the owner.


The iOS 6.1.3 update which is said to fix this bug, has already been rolled out, and your smartphone (if it is an iPhone) should soon prompt you about this new update. Even if it does not, then you can manually check for software update as and when you want. If your device is eligible for an update, then you will get the message, and if you do, then we suggest you update your devices to this new version and verify whether the screen log bug (in particular) has been fixed or not.

This new update also contains the Apple Maps application for Japan. Apple has been working on the maps for Japanese consumers since last month, and the company seems to have finally come up with a solution that will allow Japanese users to make the optimum use of the Maps app.
So go ahead and download this new update, and do let us know whether the old problem still exists and whether there are any new bugs that you find.

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