Marissa Mayer’s reign as the Chief Executive Officer of Yahoo has exemplified its credibility in lieu of several moves taken to bring Yahoo and its affiliations at par with the other popular apps and software. The recent update is that of Flickr, a popular photo-sharing app by Yahoo for android and iOS.

Recently, Flickr has issued an update to its mobile apps for android and iOS replete with filters and video support. The new update, however, replicates Facebook’s Instagram in certain measures.

The previous, rather dull version of Flickr is much happily replaced by a more lively, faster and easier to use version. The new interface comes smeared with a touch of easiness; the users will now get a scrolling feed with only one column instead of a dual pane column. The new update concentrates more on making photo-sharing a less taxing task. The new easy-to-use tools allow users to directly share photos on social networking sites, like them and comment on them. A similar idea resonates with Facebook’s Instagram too. What pushes Flickr at the top of the stack is its shoot-and-edit 30 second video clip feature which thwarts Instagram’s 15 second video clip feature. Users will also be showered upon with 14 different filters, which will enable the users to crop, edit and adjust photos.


An easy search for Flickr photos over the net is an added advantage. Flickr will identify objects, and locate the date, place and time when the photograph was taken, hence enabling users to get desired results quickly.

The photo can be viewed in a single scroll. Flickr crops non square photos, but just tap at the photo shows it in its full view and all the pertinent details about the picture, its time of capture, location and other specifications are displayed.

Flickr 3.0 has finally braced itself up and seems adamant on pulling the much popular Instagram down. With the dawn of some amazing photo sharing apps, Flickr seems to have pulled its socks together. Flickr’s update could be deemed as a mimicry of Instagram, but its features that have unveiled are quite a winner.

After various hack activities and Heartbleed exploit, Yahoo is slowly trying to win hearts of users. However, Yahoo is in the top list of websites that are currently vulnerable to Heartbleed exploits including Gmail, Dropbox.

Flickr 3.0 for iOS | Android