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Xbox One shipments reach 5 Million, PlayStation 4 is far ahead

Shots have been fired. Last week, Sony announced that it has sold over 7 million Playstation 4 consoles since the release last November. In response to those numbers, Microsoft just released a statement, announcing that the Xbox One has shipped over 5 million units since its November release, falling significantly short in its competition with the PS4.

However, Microsoft seems to be in celebration, focusing on the other positives. In March, the Xbox One pushed 311,000 units, outselling its predecessor, the Xbox 360. Microsoft also credits the release of Titanfall to recent sales numbers. According to NPD, Titanfall was the number one selling game for the Xbox One in March. Combined with the sales of the Xbox 360, both consoles have sold over 4 million games, garnering 49 percent of the total software market share in March.

The Xbox One has also shown its popularity through overall usage, averaging about 5 hours a day. Microsoft says that over one billion hours have been spent in games and applications since the consoles release. With the March release of Twitch for the Xbox One, over 23 million minutes have been broadcast. In the application’s first week, over 108,000 Twitch users broadcast from the Xbox One, averaging about 22% of overall Twitch broadcasters. Titanfall was the most broadcasted game for the Xbox One.

Still, the PS4 has proven to be stronger, with an overall 20.5 software copies sold through digital downloads, on top of the 7 million units. In fact, the PS4 has been averaging about 1 million units sold per month since its November release. Microsoft’s Xbox One unit sales have been declining to about 400,000, on average.

The biggest issue in this rivalry seems to be the price tag. The Xbox One is priced at $100 more, thanks to Microsoft’s decision to include the Kinect with the console. Microsoft has been making attempts to remedy the price by offering game-specific bundles and the inclusion of 1-month memberships for Xbox Live Gold. Despite these workarounds, the only possible solution could be an eventual price cut, and with the Playstation 4 maintaining sales and gaining popularity, Microsoft will need to consider this option soon, or risk taking a major hit next holiday season.

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