Every carrier is trying to lure more customers with different offers. AT&T will roll out new and improved smartphone plans beginning April 25, 2014, inclusive of increase in more data and allowing customers to use their smartphones as Wi-Fi hotspots—all without additional charges. In line with the two changes in 4G LTE plans, the company will also launch a lineup of basic unlimited talk and texts plan.

It’s going to be a very busy day on the 25th as the GoPhone users enjoy the new perks. With the right smartphone, combining it with basic phone plans in a swopping increase of data usage for no cost at all is a sweet deal from AT&T to its existing users of $60 and $40 plans and future subscribers.

GoPhone users will enjoy the following perks:

With unlimited text, including unlimited international texts from the U.S. to Mexico, Canada and over 100 select countries, (3) the new smartphone plan details include:

  • Increased data from 2 to 2.5 GB for $60 a month + enabled Wi-Fi hotspot capability + unlimited talk
  • Increased data from 250 to 500 MB for $40 a month + 500 minutes of talk
  • Available at Wal-Mart stores nationwide, a new plan with 1 GB of data for $45 a month + unlimited talk.

In terms of data plans, existing $60-plan subscribers are given additional 500 MB, while $40-plan subscribers will enjoy additional 250 MB, which they will receive automatically on the launch day. This will bring more flexibility for the existing subscribers while first-time customers can choose among the three to suit their smartphone needs and habits.

Subscribers who prefer basic phone plans can match the third package inclusive of unlimited talk and texts with only 1GB for data consumption.

Mark Collins of AT&T said, “Today’s consumers expect great value and choice, which is exactly what we’re bringing to our GoPhone customers. By adding more data and enabling a Wi-Fi hotspot capability at no additional cost and with no annual contract, we’re giving customers more for less, and making it even easier for them to enjoy their smartphones the way they want—all on a superior, reliable network.”

AT&T GoPhone prepaid mobile service is another alternative to enjoy more data and unlimited phone plans at lower costs.

Meanwhile, Sprint has started an offer under, which subscriber can switch their number to Sprint and get up to $650. Currently, the company is giving a limited time offer for users who would like to switch in their plans for as low as $25/month per month that comes with a plan similar to the $45 offer of AT&T. It includes unlimited talk and texts with 1 GB data plan, too.

Users can choose their own smartphone with the monthly payment option and the perks of the $25. To maximize the plan, it’s best to avail it with friends and family, since Sprint grants a group savings with separate bills. The offer is until May 8, 2104.

Source: AT&T


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