When Facebook’s Paper App was released for iPhones in February this year, it sent ripples of appeal to iPhone users. It’s been 2 months since the paper app hit the app stores, yet there has been certain lacuna that has persisted in regard to its features and updates since its inception. But now, Facebook paper 1.1 decides to fill the void.

Facebook is launching paper 1.1, an upgrade to its earlier version that will allow users to access specifically woven social content in a cleaner and more enjoyable manner. The recent entries into the features club are that of birthdays and events notifications. Birthday and event news will now be embedded in the globe icon on the top of the Facebook page, rather than being an inherent part of the news feed. In addition to this, photo comments have also been introduced, wherein the users can simply attach a photo to the comment thread of a post. This feature is quite popular with the web version already. “Photo comments are something we added to Facebook not too long ago, and we found that it’s now something people can’t live without,” said Michael Reckhow, the product manager for Facebook.


Paper now also includes the ‘story button’ which will enable the users to access to the latest updates in the full screen view. Unread account is yet another addition to the overflowing stock of changes that will make sure that the readers don’t miss out on any story.

Another enticing feature is the addition of nine new article covers to its list of sections that will include Fox News, Bloomberg news, Mashable, FT, kottke, Popular Science, The Hollywood Reporter, Vanity Fair and Hacker News.

Unlike the main Facebook app, Paper is shielded from the ‘advertisement attack’; it gives no space to ads whatsoever. And going by its improved features, it seems geared up to thwart the original Facebook app anytime soon. However, some users have mentioned about the low quality images supplied by both news sources and friend.

Recently, Facebook spilled the beans over its decision to strip messaging out of its main app. The same might not be done with paper, according to Reckhow. While Facebook is coming up with an array of appealing advancements, Twitter too, is determined not to lag behind. Not only has it rolled out a major redesign with header photos, pinned tweets and tagging features, it’s also entered into the advertising territory. By allowing advertisers to put downloadable links on user’s twitter feed, it seems to have taken a leaf out of Facebook’s success!