Apple enthusiasts always have something to look forward every year—whether it’s a new iPhone, iPad, OS, or Mac release—it’s a cycle that fan boys and girls have been accustomed to. For the past two years, they‘ve seen enumerable product releases, but it looks like the fruit company missed the Mac mini or was it an intentional delay?

The small-form desktop computer will be two years old on October 23, unless Apple rolls out a new version before that month. While the rumor mill is churning again as expected, before the WWDC 2014 and the popular Q3-timetable for product releases, it’s not surprising if many will ask, “When will we see the next update of Mac mini?”

To give you a sneak preview, here is a roundup list scouting on the Internet—expected release date, rumors, and specs—but as always, these are all speculations and based on historical patterns of product cycles, and until Apple says so, you’ll have a good laugh at the end with all the claims.

When is the new Mac Mini coming out?

WWDC 2014 begins in the first week of June. Apple holding this event, implies a possibility that users are given a sneak peek of the Mac mini. There’re actually two products—the Macbook Pro(non-retina) and Mac mini—that were left untouched in 2013. In January, a Belgian computer retailer posted listings of Mac mini and claimed it would come by the end of February, but didn’t happen.


Apple doesn’t update its products frequently like other companies. Quite contrary—mathematically speaking—since its product release up to this time of writing is exactly one year and a half. In a nutshell, there’s no delay at all. Chances are getting higher that soon users will see the Mac Mini 2014.

What’s the size of the Mac mini?

When it comes to design, it appears that there will be no major aesthetic change, but size is a significant detail that the rumor mill has churned. There’s a possibility that the new Mac mini will be thinner, lighter, and probably smaller. However, there is a rumor (one reason why Apple has delayed its release) claiming that its design will be overhauled, following the footsteps of Mac Pro. Currently, the Mac mini’s dimensions are 19.7 cm by 3.6 cm, weighing 1.22 kg.

What are the specs?

Currently, the entry-level Mac mini sports 2.5 GHz dual core Intel Core i5 processor with 4 GB of RAM, 500 GB of internal storage, and Intel’s HD Graphics 4000 under its hood. Reviewing what the Belgian computer retailer had posted, the new Mac mini is expected to come out with an Intel Haswell chip, which currently powers the entry-level MacBook Air. This means it will be more powerful and faster. An upgrade of 8 GB RAM is a power-packed machine—who knows if it’ll feature some Apple TV functions?


At the end, there’s more to expect in the coming weeks as WWDC 2014 is fast approaching. For now, the Apple community would’ve to wait and put the pieces of puzzles from rumors, predictions, and reports of analysts.